A New Look for Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin

Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin now comes in a historically elegant bottle shape that gently transports its rich history to the present using forms, colors and textures. In addition, the new Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin bottle has a much improved handling. The discreet polish and the high-quality embossing underline its stability. The new label is inspired by classic design and is highlighting the most beautiful items out of it. Thus, the City of London’s coat of arms is emblazoned in the center of the upgraded label, symbolically as a reference to the long connection of the Finsbury brand to the British capital. A wreath of two juniper berry-bearing branches graces the historical relationship. On the back label one can find detailed explanations of the production, the history and the aroma of Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin, which are furnished with selected ornaments. The bottleneck is completed by a shapely capsule, which, in bold red, offers a harmonious counterpart to the golden color of the label and consequently provides additional visual presence in bars, at home or on the shelf.

Finsbury Gin

Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin is one of the oldest among the well-established gin brands in the world. The Finsbury Distillery in London was founded in 1740 by Joseph Bishop. Ever since that day, the name Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin has represented highest quality standard. To the same degree as the Finsbury Distillery and quality go hand in hand, the name Finsbury stands for a deep connection with London. Even today, in the British capital, one can still find streets, squares, parks and pubs that bear the proud name of Finsbury.

The exquisite Finsbury gins are made from selected juniper berries, exotic fruits and other selected herbs and spices and are distilled after the special “single-batch” method from the 18th century – a complicated distillation process carried out in more than 100-year-old copper pot stills –. All ingredients used are natural. The original formula of the Bishop family, which until the second half of the 20th century was still involved in the business of the Finsbury Distillery, is a well-kept, unchanged secret that has been passed down for generations. Already during the early days of the company, Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin has set high standards and even today in the modern gin segment is looking for an equal.      

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