Finsbury relaunch and line extension Finsbury Wild Strawberry

Hamburg, June 2020. Finsbury, one of the world’s oldest gin brands still in production today, shares exciting news: the launch of a new bottle design for Finsbury London Dry Gin and Finsbury 47 as well as the launch of the product innovation Finsbury Wild Strawberry. Both the revised bottle design for Finsbury London Dry Gin and the product innovation will be launched on 1st of July 2020 by the Hamburg based family business BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT, brand owner of Finsbury London Dry Gin, in selected food retailers and specialist shops as well as online retailers in Germany.

The launch of the new bottle design of Finsbury 47 is to follow in September 2020, with both new designs to be rolled out additionally in BORCO’s export markets in the coming months. Finsbury Wild Strawberry is to be added to the national and international gin portfolio of the Hamburg based company in the long term.

Dr. Tina Ingwersen-Matthiesen, part of the BORCO owner family Matthiesen and member of the board is delighted about the impetus provided by the relaunches and the gin novelty: “The Finsbury brand stands for the highest quality and excellent British gin enjoyment par excellence. The gin category has been showing a remarkable positive development in recent years, characterised by an extraordinary dynamic and creativity regarding recipes. The Finsbury relaunch and the new Finsbury Wild Strawberry are our response to the increasing consumer demand for a contemporary brand image, new flavours and the continuing flavoured gin trend. We are delighted to continue Finsbury’s success story with the relaunch and line extension – two projects that involve a great deal of passion and expertise”.

In line with a more modern, fresh and urban brand image, the relaunch also introduces a new brand claim for the umbrella brand, „London, since 1740“, which highlights the traditions and rich history of the brand, whose origins date back to the 18th century. For the Finsbury London Dry Gin communication initiatives such as social media activations the claim „Yellow, since 1740“ will be used, which focuses on the unmistakable yellow colour of the label that has always been associated with the exquisite taste and high quality of Finsbury, in addition to the brand’s long history. Accordingly, the claim “Platinum, since 1740″ will be used for the online and offline communication of Finsbury 47 and „Pink, since 2020“ for Finsbury Wild Strawberry.

The new bottle designs in detail

In line with the newly formulated brand claim, Finsbury’s iconic yellow as one of the core elements of the brand image continues to dominate the design of the Finsbury London Dry Gin bottle. The new design is inspired by the urban, colourful hustle and bustle in London’s diverse neighbourhoods.  For a more modern appearance and improved bottle handling, the bottle shape has been significantly slimmed down and now appears more angular, but still retains its shape with a major recognition value. The contemporary appearance is supported by a front label reduced in size, on which the Finsbury lettering is found in a slightly adapted blue look. To further emphasise Finsbury’s roots in the British capital, the label is adorned with an illustration of the London skyline with the „Palace of Westminster“ and „St. Paul’s Cathedral“ as eye-catchers. A striking placement of the founding date in a noble silver tone under the brand name as well as Joseph Bishop’s name as the founding father of the distillery aesthetically rounds off the focus on the traditional heritage of Finsbury.

In addition to Finsbury London Dry Gin, Finsbury 47 also features a new design, carried by a reworked, more angular bottle shape, which gives this special gin classic a premium look and makes it stand out in the backbar. The simpler appearance is primarily intended to appeal to bartenders in trendy and mixologist bars. As with the Finsbury London Dry Gin, a playful font will be dispensed and a clean, modern font will be used from now on. Details in linear shape, which can also be found on the label, impressively decorate the upper and lower bottle front as a relief, creating a timeless look. The date of foundation also adorns the bottle as a relief, thereby further underlining the history of Finsbury London Dry Gin.

Pink, since 2020: Finsbury Wild Strawberry supplements the Finsbury portfolio

In addition to the relaunches, consumers and gin lovers can look forward to a novelty in the Finsbury family. Shimmering in noble pink nuances, Finsbury Wild Strawberry combines the sweetness of fresh strawberry notes, framed by red berries and a harmonious finish of subtle juniper and citrus notes that have been characteristic of Finsbury London Dry Gin for over 250 years. Finsbury Wild Strawberry presents itself as a tasteful walk through the flowery Finsbury Park in the lively district of the same name in the north of the British capitalone of the many streets and squares in London that still proudly bear the name of the distillery built by Joseph Bishop.

The basis for Finsbury Wild Strawberry is the classic recipe of the Finsbury distillery, unchanged since 1740, which is based on the interplay of ten botanicals, including dried orange zest and cinnamon bark. Only natural fruit flavours of highest quality are used in the production process, which are harmoniously integrated into the taste profile of Finsbury London Dry Gin after it has been produced in copper stills which are more than 100 years old. The result is a perfect balance and a beguiling twist with the sweetness of red berries, which are pleasantly revealed with an ABV of 37.5% Vol..

The pink color shades of the gin are picked up by the similarly coloured label. The addition „Wild Strawberry“, designed in a playful typography, contrasts with the modern Finsbury lettering and is therefore an eye-catcher on the shelf. At the same time, the typography underlines the floral character of Finsbury Wild Strawberry, which is rounded off by fine illustrations of strawberries on the bottle cap.

Perfect Serve: Paired with Tonic Water and garnished with fresh berries, Finsbury Wild Strawberry offers a refreshing and masterful gin experience, rewarding the palate with a lingering and balanced taste to be remembered.

Finsbury Wild Strawberry will be available from 1st of July 2020 for an RRP of €9.99 (0.7l) in Germany, before being available in international markets in the upcoming months. Price on request for international markets.

Finsbury London Dry Gin:

Finsbury London Dry Gin has been produced for over 250 years based on one of the oldest gin recipes in the world. The Finsbury Distillery Company was founded by Joseph Bishop in London in 1740. Ever since, it has remained in the possession of the family over the centuries. In 1993, BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT took over Finsbury and established the brand as one of the most famous gin brands in Germany. The quality of Finsbury London Dry Gin is also appreciated beyond the borders of German-speaking countries, being the market leader in Scandinavia. Finsbury London Dry Gin is distributed in over 30 countries and is home in duty free shops all over the world.


The brand owner of Finsbury London Dry Gin is BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT. Based in Hamburg, BORCO is one of the largest German and European producers and distributors of top international spirit brands. The portfolio of the independent family company covers almost all key international segments and is certainly unique in terms of its strength and unity. The international portfolio includes renowned brands such as SIERRA Tequila, HELBING Kümmel and OLD PASCAS.

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