Highlighting its agave expertise: BORCO adds Mezcal Marca Negra and Mezcal Meteoro to portfolio

Hamburg, November 2017. The family-owned spirits company BORCO unveils a newly formed, global partnership with the renowned Mezcal producer Marca Negra, which has already been introduced at this year’s Bar Convent Berlin, one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverages industry. As from January 1st, 2018 BORCO is taking over the global distribution (except USA, Canada, Mexico) of their ultra premium Mezcal brands MARCA NEGRA and METEORO.

Rooted in Mexican culture and produced from different agave varietals, Mezcal is known to be the cult drink besides Tequila in its home country Mexico and is enjoying growing popularity globally. The integration of these two brands from Oaxaca that are already very well established abroad and are distributed in currently more than 25 countries worldwide allows BORCO to leverage its longtime agave expertise.

Dr. Tina Ingwersen-Matthiesen, member of the owner family and member of the board of the family-run spirits company BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT, is looking forward to the thrilling opportunities that this partnership entails: “We are proud of the partnership with Marca Negra. As market leader throughout Europe our flagship SIERRA Tequila has been shaping the Tequila category with innovative ideas like no other. We are excited to not only be able to support this expertise in producing excellent agave spirits, but also to highlight our passion for high quality and authentic Mexican culture. The Mexican lifestyle in all its different colors and the diverse Mexican cuisine are currently flourishing. As premium mezcals are reflecting Mexican traditions in design, flavor profile as well as origin, they are indispensable in offering an authentic Mexican experience.”

BORCO has always been committed to offer consumers the most exciting, authentic Mexican flavors. This succeeds not least because of SIERRA Tequila which offers unique taste profiles, emerging from the different degrees of maturation of the different qualities within the range. This diversity, representing the manifold Mexican culture, is supplemented by integrating Mezcal Marca Negra and Mezcal Meteoro into the BORCO portfolio. Constantly seeking the most artisanal and diverse Mezcal varieties, Marca Negra manages to provide a wide range of agave varietals with different flavor profiles which establish a fascinating Mezcal universe, deeply rooted in Mexican tradition. For this reason, both brands top off the portfolio perfectly and take a different part of Mexico to the modern bar scene across the globe. Whereas every drop of SIERRA Milenario reveals a piece of Jalisco, Mezcal Marca Negra and Mezcal Meteoro underline the features of Oaxaca. The distribution produces synergistic effects among the agave spirits of the BORCO portfolio which will undoubtedly be providing new impulses in the spirits business.

A rich heritage:
The production of mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico

Made in ultra small batches, Mezcal Marca Negra’s five core qualities represent their respective region, while distinct taste profiles outstandingly complement each other. Besides the name of the master distiller, the region and agave varietal, the bottle displays a handprint which emphasizes the tireless work of the master distiller and the ancient knowledge that marks every product. At the same time this handprint belongs to the adventurer, the seeker and the collector in all parts of this world.

Marca Negra and Meteoro seek to preserve the production of mezcal’s ancient traditions which design each quality as unique expressions of true local ancestral craftsmanship. Depending on the varietal, the agaves can take up to 30 years to mature and be ready for harvesting. The key to the exceptional taste profiles of the mezcal producer Marca Negra are the carefully selected agave plants, be it wild grown or estate grown. During the so-called “shaving” the leaves of the plants are cut off and the agave hearts (piñas) are exposed, followed by the cooking. In order to cook the piñas, stones are heated in a conical pit dug in the ground with fire wood and the agave hearts are laid on top. Then, they are covered with palm leaves or other parts of plants. The heat and humidity steam-bake the piñas, taking up to two days. The following crushing takes place according to the “Tahona” method: a heavy stone wheel is pulled by a mule around a circular rock surface, resulting in sweet, fibrous mash. The mash is then put into wooden vats with water where the natural, open-air fermentation takes place. This crucial process can take up to two weeks, depending on weather conditions and other factors. The fermented mash is distilled twice in copper pot stills. Each Marca Negra quality and Meteoro are Mezcal joven, non-aged with a clear color, showcasing their complex bodies in all glory.

The respective Marca Negra qualities are named after the agave varietal which is used for production. Only Mezcal Marca Negra Ensamble is a composition based on three different agave varietals.

MEZCAL MARCA NEGRA – The qualities:


Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Jorge Méndez

Origin: San Luis del Río, Tlacolula,Oaxaca; estate grown

Tasting Notes: Clean and fresh aromas of very ripe fruit followed by a smoldering fruit wood fire; rich milky sweetness and a lemony zing and a clean, delightful finish.

48.9% ABV*, 0.7l

RSP:  64.90 Euro


Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Basilio Pacheco

Origin: La Noria, Ejutla, Oaxaca; estate grown

Tasting Notes: A crystalline body with sweet and fresh aromas of river bed Clay. Clean agave flavour with notes of raw cocoa beans, fig and a touch of hay and moss. Essence of evergreen tree and rosemary, an aftertaste of sweet roasted banana, followed by a herbal finish of eucalyptus, pennyroyal and wild mint.

49.5% ABV*, 0.7l

RSP:  99.90 Euro

MEZCAL MARCA NEGRA Ensamble (Composition of Espadín, Sanmartín, Mexicano)

Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Basilio Pacheco

Origin: La Noria, Ejutla, Oaxaca; estate / wild grown

Tasting Notes: Minerals that evoke spring water and river stones are perceived. Within its herbal elements, ahuehuete resin stands out along with grapefruit juice and bitter herbs like fennel and anise. Ripe banana, coconut, medlar and Mexican hawthorn with subtle tones of cocoa and peanut give way to a soft finish of medium duration.

49.3% ABV*, 0.7l

RSP: 82.90 Euro


Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Jorge Méndez

Origin: San Luis del Río, Tlacolula, Oaxaca; wild grown

Tasting Notes: Smoked chillies and a sugar cane sweetness emerge first from this muscular Mezcal, succeeded by a bit of brine; the flavors are rich over-ripe fruit and sweet sootiness characteristic of classical Mezcal. Finishes birney and assertive.

50.9% ABV*, 0.7l

RSP: 114.90 Euro


Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Jorge Méndez

Origin: San Luis del Río, Tlacolula, Oaxaca; wild grown

Tasting Notes: Damp earth, sweet mouldy entry of medium permanence. Mild smoked chipotle and fresh asparagus. Lemon peel and pomegranate give way to a medium strength clove and white pepper finish.

49.7% ABV*, 0,7l

RSP: 114,90 Euro

*The ABV may change from batch to batch

MEZCAL METEORO: The divine mezcal from Oaxaca

“How did you do it?” people asked him.
The old man simply replied: “It fell from the sky…”

The second brand Mezcal Marca Negra from the producer Marca Negra embodies an exciting and fresh take on traditional Mezcal. It represents the younger, trendier side of Mexico with a space-age expression of an age-old tradition. Many years ago, according to the legend, a flash lit up the sky of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca. There was a huge roar and then the whole town saw the “little eyes of fire” falling all around. One of them made a small crater and the local master mezcal maker decided to use the red-hot rock in its crater as an oven to cook his fresh Espadín agave hearts. And so, this is the best mezcal ever made came to be. It is a mezcal which can be enjoyed neatly or as ingredient in first-class drinks – a must-have for any mixologist all around the world.


Crafted by Maestro Mezcalero Petronilo Rosario Altamirano

Origin: Las Margaritas, Oaxaca; estate grown

Tasting Notes: Moist soil, fresh herbs and very subtle smoky notes of mesquite. Soft starter mix of aniseed and smoked wood, spices and a sweet and warm finish.

45% ABV, 0.7L

RSP: 49.90 Euro


Based in Hamburg, BORCO is one of the largest German and European producers and distributors of top international spirit brands. The portfolio of the family-run and independent company covers almost all key international segments and is certainly unique in terms of its strength and unity.

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