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market share of our SIERRA Tequila. A unique flavour and an unmistakable appearance are what make this market leader such a success story! It is sold in over 90 countries.


More than 91 brands are in our portfolio. This covers almost all the important spirits categories, and we can supply all the relevant target groups. Our range includes both traditional brands as well as completely new categories. Value association coupled with vision – that's BORCO.


Lemons per year and also millions of oranges and limes are bought by consumers to enjoy the famous Sierra cult rituals, or Margaritas with Sierra Tequila.


Permanent staff in the "Borco family". They take care of production, controlling, information technology, purchasing and sales, logistics, marketing, foodstuffs retail sales and catering, as well as export. There are also the hundreds of workers in the agave fields of Sierra Tequila, staff from commercial agencies, brand representatives and countless trained promoters. A strong team for strong brands.


In 1263, Colin of Kintail, Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, took a bold decision to stand up and be counted, and felled a charging stag which attacked King Alexander III of Scotland. In return for saving his life, the grateful King gifted the 12-pointed Royal Stag emblem to the Mackenzie Clan as a reward. Today, this courage is honored with the exclusive King Alexander III. bottling.


million imported bottles annually make BORCO the biggest importeur of vodka in Germany. Raging from Russian Standard Vodka to the Polish ?ubrówka, our unique manages to serve different tastes.


The year when King José I. founded the Portuguese company "Real Companhia Velha", from which we get our Royal Oporto ports. The company is the world's oldest and largest port wine house. And: It is Portugal's oldest company.


In 1740 the Finsbury Distillery was founded by Joseph Bishop in London. With a history reaching as far back as the 18th century, it is one of the oldest known types of gin still made today.




Family! Borco has been run by the Matthiesen family since 1948. We think in the long term, make decisions quickly and owe our success to having a great nose for the market when it comes to spirits and consumers. A family company with tradition.


market share is what our Crème de Cassis de Dijon Cassissée can boast. That makes it the absolute market leader! "Cassis" is the French word for "blackcurrant". Cassissée is an essential component of the classic spritzer Kir Royal.


The authentic flavor of SIERRA Tequila is represented in over 90 countries. Guided by extraordinary passion for quality and Mexican culture we are constantly tapping into new markets.

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