Spirits from Hamburg

We act sustainably, think innovatively and set new standards in the world of spirits. Our strong portfolio of top international spirits is firmly established on the market. Thanks to our nose for the market, we have built up a portfolio that is certainly unique in terms of its strength and coherence. Our range includes both strong, traditional brands as well as completely new growth categories.

Customers and consumers appreciate the brand variety, as well as the unique nature and creativity of the branded drinks that can be made with our brands. Why not get to know the variety behind BORCO and dive into our brand worlds from all over the globe.


Our international brands successfully meet the strictest quality standards throughout the entire production process: Our brands have won many of the highest awards at the most important international spirits competitions. For example, Sierra Tequila Reposado was named the best Tequila in both Mexico City and London. Customers and consumers appreciate the quality of our international premium brands portfolio.

And of course we also know that the creation of a special product starts with the quality of the original product used to make it. This means that one thing that our wines, liqueurs, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages have in common is that they are made exclusively from select ingredients. 


A nose for the market

From production right through to marketing of the spirits, we can fall back on the wealth of experience of many generations. In our locations in Hamburg and Vienna, but also in the cultural regions of our foreign partners around the globe. At the same time, we always have our finger on the pulse and keep in close contact with consumers. For this we have built up, among other things, an energetic and far-reaching sales force that looks after both catering establishments and the beverages trade. And in the future too, we want to continue to learn and always keep one step ahead thanks to our experienced staff, our young and talented recruits and our excellent network.

Branded Drinks

Whether at home or at the bar: Our spirits and liquors are widely regarded as outstanding drinks. Customers and consumers appreciate the quality, uniqueness and creativity of the drinks that we have branded. Our extensive portfolio of premium brands enables us to communicate countless classic drinks and modern "twists" that are always in tune with current tastes, and that can be found on bar and restaurant menus all over the world. At the same time there is an art to placing your trust in the classic aromas, while at the same time also remaining open to new influences. Because these often lead to exciting new consumption trends in our bars or even at home. Our highest goal: Pure enjoyment.

Company history

The Matthiesen family founded the BORCO company over 60 years ago. Today, BORCO has a unique portfolio of premium international spirits brands. BORCO is the only German company that makes its own premium spirits on location in their countries of origin, and markets them successfully throughout the world.

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