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Vodka is an essential part of the German nightlife. BORCO is the biggest importer of Russian Vodka in Germany and therefore certainly seen as an instance in terms of vodka.


  • Alpha Noble
    Alpha Noble
  • Green Mark Vodka
    Green Mark Vodka
  • Kauffman Vodka
    Kauffman Vodka
  • Parliament Vodka
    Parliament Vodka
  • Russian Standard Vodka
    Russian Standard Vodka
  • Zubrówka Vodka
    Zubrówka Vodka

Alpha Noble

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Production & Origin


Ultra Premium Vodka from France.

Like no other vodka, the internationally renowned Ultra Premium vodka Alpha Noble represents a perfectly rounded combination of taste and design.

Ingredients of the highest quality and naturalness are selected for making Alpha Noble from France: fine French wheat and crystal clear water. The latter comes from springs in the Vosges, which have been famous for their purity for thousands of years.

The exclusive Alpha Noble ennobling method – six-fold distillation with a pot still finish – guarantees Alpha Noble its unique position among vodkas, as well as its particularly high quality. The accompanying double filtration, cooling to below 0 º Celsius and production only in small quantities also without a doubt make Alpha Noble one of the world’s most perfect and best vodkas.

Since the 1860s, the distillery located in the idyllic village of Fougerolles has handed down to each generation, further developed and – thanks to using state-of-the-art technology – perfected the knowledge and the art of distillation. The bottle that was specially created for Alpha Noble embodies the vodka’s noble character: A symbiosis of excellent flavour and design.

Alpha Noble is available in 0.5l, 0.7l, 1.0l and 3.0l bottles.

In 2007, Alpha Noble Ultra Premium Vodka won a gold medal at a tasting of the internationally famous Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, following a silver medal awarded in 2006 at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.


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