Our Brands

A Unique Portfolio Defined by Strength and a Good Sense of the Market.

The Borco product range

  • Aniseed

  • Aquavit

  • Cachaça

  • Champagne/Sparkling Wine

  • Cognac / Armagnac / Brandy

  • Fruit Brandy and Calvados

  • Gin / Jenever

  • Jagertee

  • Kümmel

  • Liqueur

  • Mezcal

  • Pisco

  • Port / Sherry

  • Rum / rhum

  • Tequila

  • Vodka

  • Whisk(e)y

  • Non-alcoholic


Long drinks, highballs, sours, fizzies, Collinses, punches… All drinks that couldn’t be made without non-alcoholic ingredients.

  • Paloma Lemonade
    Paloma Lemonade
  • Pulco

Production & Origin

Syrups, fruit concentrates and lemonades.  

Every good bar should have room for non-alcoholic ingredients. Syrups and fruit concentrates play an important role in mixing. They sweeten, aromatise, add a touch of sourness or give the drink a special colour. And it’s hard to imagine any bar without lemonades. Often it’s the fresh fruitiness of lemonades that turns a drink into an exciting summertime experience. Naturally, many are also a taste revelation all on their own.  

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