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Kümmel is an extremely digestible spirit that gets its name from the German word for caraway, the spice that is used to flavour it. Kümmel is currently experiencing a Renaissance in bars.

  • Helbing. Hamburg’s finest Kümmel
    Helbing. Hamburg’s finest Kümmel

Helbing. Hamburg’s finest Kümmel

Helbing – Hamburg’s fine Kümmel has been Hamburg’s „national drink“ since 1836.

Production & Origin

Fine Kümmel from Hamburg since 1836.

For centuries, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg has not only been one of the main hubs for commercial goods, but also one of Germany’s culinary strongholds. The city’s cuisine is world class, and many resident restaurateurs and chefs are famous across the globe.

Hamburg’s fine Kümmel Helbing is the ideal accompaniment to traditional north German dishes such as curly kale, pickled herring, asparagus and ham, duck, goose and all cabbage dishes. In fine dining establishments and among gourmets in particular, Helbing Kümmel is an integral component of supreme culinary delights. This traditional north  German spirit has for years been the clear market leader in its segment throughout Germany.

From now on, you can see Helbing in a fresh new look that carefully carries its traditions into the present – in keeping with the motto „Even in old age, wear something fresh. That’s the way it should be.

The finest caraway fruits and the purest grain alcohol of the very highest quality are used to make Helbing. The result of the complex production process is a Kümmel of the highest quality with a fine flowery aroma, a soft taste and a subtle caraway aroma. In 1836, the complex recipe for this fine Kümmel was invented by the then 29 year-old Johann Peter Hinrich Helbing, who came from an old family of distillers. By the turn of the century and under the aegis of his son Christoph Heinrich Helbing, his small company that in the beginning employed just five people had grown into Germany’s largest spirits company with its own branches in the metropolitan cities of Paris and London. At the same time, as one of the city’s largest and most caring employers, the Helbing family assumed an important role in Hamburg. Its citizens thanked them for their social commitment by naming a square, a street and a school after Heinrich Helbing. The subsequent history of the Heinrich Helbing company was eventful, until it was finally taken over in 1974 by BORCO-Marken-Import. Since then, the  Matthiesen family which is behind the BORCO name has kept the recipe’s secret within a very close family circle. In addition, constant quality control by experienced master distillers ensures the very highest, consistent quality that discerning connoisseurs have been appreciating for over 175 years.

Helbing, Hamburg’s fine Kümmel (35 % vol.), is characterised by its full, fine, flowery aroma. It is mildly spicy, is synonymous with optimum digestibility and is equally popular among men and women. The „Hamburg Original“ is best drunk chilled from original Helbing glasses.
Helbing Kümmel is available in 0.7 l, 1.0 l and 0.02 l bottles.

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