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A Unique Portfolio Defined by Strength and a Good Sense of the Market.

The Borco product range

  • Aniseed

  • Aquavit

  • Cachaça

  • Champagne

  • Cognac / Armagnac / Brandy

  • Fruit Brandy and Calvados

  • Gin / Jenever

  • Jagertee

  • Kümmel

  • Liqueur

  • Mezcal

  • Pisco

  • Port / Sherry

  • Rum / rhum

  • Tequila

  • Vodka

  • Whisk(e)y

  • Non-alcoholic


Vodka is an essential part of the German nightlife. BORCO is the biggest importer of Russian Vodka in Germany and therefore certainly seen as an instance in terms of vodka.


  • Alpha Noble
    Alpha Noble
  • Green Mark Vodka
    Green Mark Vodka
  • Kauffman Vodka
    Kauffman Vodka
  • Parliament Vodka
    Parliament Vodka
  • Russian Standard Vodka
    Russian Standard Vodka
  • Zubrówka Vodka
    Zubrówka Vodka

Production & Origin

Not only important in cocktails. 

Whether in vodka cocktails, long drinks, on ice or with a meal: Today, it’s inconceivable to think of vodka not being an option in bars and restaurants

Vodka is currently the most-drunk distillate in the world. It’s inconceivable to imagine bars and restaurants not serving it. In clubs in particular, this „little water“ – the word vodka comes from the diminutive of the Russian word for water (voda) – has taken over ‚pole position‘ in recent decades. Vodka Energy, Vodka Kirsch and Vodka Lemon are by a clear margin the best-selling long drinks in the German-speaking countries. 

Typically Russian

With Alpha Noble, Green Mark, Parliament and Kauffman Vodka, BORCO straight away has four excellent vodkas in its portfolio. In comparison with Parliament and Green Mark, Alpha Noble is not an eastern-style vodka but a western-style vodka. The western-style vodkas were developed in the second half of the 20th century, and compared with their Eastern European relatives are less intensive and have a lighter flavour. Soon after this category of vodka appeared, western-style vodkas were setting the scene in bars and clubs in Europe and North America. That was until stronger products in the shape of traditional Russian original vodkas flowed back onto Western markets again.

The French vodka tradition

The French vodka tradition goes back over 200 years. That’s when the „Grand Armée“ of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the Russian army. It is said that the only thing that French soldiers brought home with them from Eastern Europe was vodka. In addition, in the years that followed many Russian officers brought it to France, to which catering establishments reacted by starting to serve vodka. This proved very popular not just among the Russian guests. The French people too developed a taste for the „little water“ from Eastern Europe. Alpha Noble vodka combines the French vodka tradition with state-of-the-art technology. Knowledge of the recipe and the special art of distillation – the Alpha Noble ennobling method, the culmination of which is pot still finishing – has been handed down between close family members for generations in the village of Fougerolles in the Vosges. 

The elegant flavour, purity and variety of the vodka have made this an ideal category for the nightlife in Germany and Austria. And this is where the BORCO vodka portfolio fits right in. The addition in 2012 of the Russian vodka brands Green Mark and Kauffman to the existing portfolio of the French Ultra Premium vodka Alpha Noble and the popular milk-filtered Parliament Vodka saw the family company BORCO become the most important vodka distributor in Germany – and of course also one of the main forces behind the entire category.

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