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The Borco product range

  • Aniseed

  • Aquavit

  • Cachaça

  • Champagne/Sparkling Wine

  • Cognac / Armagnac / Brandy

  • Fruit Brandy and Calvados

  • Gin / Doppel-Wacholder

  • Jagertee

  • Kümmel

  • Liqueur

Gin / Doppel-Wacholder

Gin is the juniper distillate that bartenders love. Its history is closely connected with the one of Dutch Jenever.

  • Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin
    Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin
  • Margaretes feiner Doppel-Wacholder
    Margaretes feiner Doppel-Wacholder

Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin

FINSBURY Gin is one of the oldest known types of gin from Great Britain that is still made today.



  • Finsbury Wild Strawberry
    Finsbury Wild Strawberry
  • Finsbury 47
    Finsbury 47
  • Finsbury London Dry Gin
    Finsbury London Dry Gin

Finsbury London Dry Gin

Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin is one of the oldest known types of gin that is still made today.

Production & Origin

London since 1740

Finsbury London Dry Gin is a particularly fine and mild representative of the „London Dry Gin“ type of flavour that’s preferred both internationally and in Great Britain. Here, the reference to London signifies a special type of gin flavour, and that it has been made according to certain guidelines. The relationship between a London Dry Gin and the city of London must be purely formal, not real. Whereas most London Dry Gin producers used to be based in London, this has since changed. Finsbury Distillery is one of the very few gin producers that really still does have its home in London.

The term Distilled Gin is also an important indicator of quality: It means that the gin is not „cold-stirred“ from alcohol and flavourings, but that high-quality alcohol has been flavoured with juniper berries, fruits and herbs before being carefully distilled again.

Connoisseurs  enjoy the rich aroma and elegant bouquet of Finsbury London Dry Gin neat, so as to allow this elegant gin to be appreciated to the full. Finsbury is also ideal for many popular long drinks and cocktails, including a classic „Gin & Tonic“ or „Finsbury Fizz“ with 3cl lemon juice, 2cl Sucre de Canne and 2cl Soda.

  • Mezcal

  • Pisco

  • Port / Sherry

  • Rum / rhum

  • Tequila

  • Vodka

  • Whisk(e)y

  • Non-alcoholic

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