Our Brands

A Unique Portfolio Defined by Strength and a Good Sense of the Market.

The Borco product range

  • Aniseed

  • Aquavit

  • Cachaça

  • Champagne/Sparkling Wine

  • Cognac / Armagnac / Brandy

  • Fruit Brandy and Calvados

  • Gin / Jenever

  • Jagertee

  • Kümmel

  • Liqueur

Gin / Jenever

Gin is the juniper distillate that bartenders love. Its history is closely connected with the one of Dutch Jenever.

  • Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin
    Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin

Finsbury Distilled London Dry Gin

FINSBURY Gin is one of the oldest known types of gin from Great Britain that is still made today.



  • Finsbury Wild Strawberry
    Finsbury Wild Strawberry
  • Finsbury 47
    Finsbury 47
  • Finsbury London Dry Gin
    Finsbury London Dry Gin

Finsbury 47

Finsbury 47 is a relatively high-strength gin – a special London Dry Gin that lends an extraordinary character to the most sophisticated cocktails.

Production & Origin

Platinum since 1740

Made to a secret recipe that has been closely guarded since 1740, Finsbury 47 is distilled six times from the very best grain. The reason for its high alcohol content: The aromas of juniper berries develop particularly intensively at 47% vol. – as do the aromas of the exotic fruits and finest herbs that are also carefully integrated into the Finsbury Gin production process. The complex single-batch distillation process also delivers balance and perfection.


  • Mezcal

  • Pisco

  • Port / Sherry

  • Rum / rhum

  • Tequila

  • Vodka

  • Whisk(e)y

  • Non-alcoholic

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