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The water of life with its origin in Scandinavia inspires with a great variety.

  • Helbing Aquavit
    Helbing Aquavit

Helbing Aquavit

The water of life with its origin in Scandinavia inspires with a great variety.

Production & Origin

An exquisite tribute to Hamburg and Helbing.

Rebirth with a modern organic recipe
Long-held values and the hanseatic outlook on life provided the impetus for the creation of Helbing Aquavit – a limited edition of only 45.000 bottles that celebrates the unique connection between Hamburg and Helbing. Two-and-a-half years and a great deal of heart and soul were invested to yield a finely balanced composition of superior botanicals in top organic quality, based on the original family recipe.

Maturation in PX Sherry casks for 6 months

A great deal of time was devoted to honing the production process and the nuances of the recipe. This composition was carefully prepared by experienced master distillers in keeping with the original recipe, lending the premium aquavit its mellow, harmonious flavour. The distillate matures for six months in PX sherry casks, which instil the aquavit with its fruity aromas.The top note of fine caraway finished with anise, dill and a hint of liquorice does not develop its full aroma until it has been matured in the wooden casks. Its unique bouquet is reminiscent of fresh spring flowers. It emerges from a light fennel note, accompanied by spicy cloves, cardamom and white pepper, refined with sweet vanilla.

The bottle design as tribute to the past

In keeping with its superior origins, the boutique aquavit is presented like a jewel in a heavy glass bottle, its contents shimmering enticingly like molten gold. The design of the limited edition was inspired by historical precursors. Every 0.5 litre bottle of Helbings Feiner Aquavit bears the cask and bottle numbers. The heavy glass lies comfortably in the hand and is decorated with two embossed elements – on the front is the Hamburg water carrier as a symbol of its origin and tradition, and on the rear is the goddess Germania, who was revered by the Romans and has been the logo of the Helbingsche Dampfkornbrennerei from its beginnings. The label in aquamarine and petrol blue is reminiscent of the original style of the 19th century Helbing labels and strikes a lovely contrast with the bottle’s golden yellow contents.

  • Fruit Brandy and Calvados

  • Gin / Jenever

  • Jagertee

  • Kümmel

  • Liqueur

  • Mezcal

  • Pisco

  • Port / Sherry

  • Rum / rhum

  • Tequila

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  • Whisk(e)y

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